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Jeffrey Pia headshotI am obsessed about Web Standards and use a combination of XHTML, CSS and JavaScript to build fully-functional, W3C standards-compliant web sites for businesses as well as individuals.


My days of being a techie started early when my big bro let me play w/ his TI99, and moreso when we got a Commodore 64 as the “family computer.” I like to think of myself as one of the original PC gamers playing classics such as Wizardry, Bard’s Tale and Pool of Radiance, just to name a few. I was all about getting online, even in the days before the internet, dialing into free BBS’s and paid service providers like Q-Link on a 1200 baud modem. I distinctly remember my parents flipping out and confiscating the modem after seeing the phone bill (there were no unlimited plans back then :-p).

I joined the Army right out of high school and managed to talk my dad into letting me have our then-state-of-the-art 486 PC. This was when I started to really get into the nuts and bolts of computing. I would spend my downtime playing around with Windows 3.1 operating system files and reading forums on how to upgrade my hard drive and CPU. I thought replacing the Windows startup/shutdown screens and customizing the system sound files made me totally l33t!

I learned the power of programming after leaving the military and getting a job as an inventory clerk for a construction company in Chicago. Their “inventory system” was a large book where all of their purchases and sales were handwritten and manually “tracked.” I personally installed their first Windows PCs and introduced them to the wonders of spreadsheets and databases. I learned how to code VBA mainly to save myself from hours of writing and hand cramps. I automated all of their processes from start to finish, but then experienced the dark side of technology first-hand when I automated myself out of a job!

In my free time, I re-discovered my love of coding and started doing web development to help my friend and (amazing) graphic designer Desirai Labrada build websites. This is a passion I still carry with me and hope to grow through the years.

I decided to move to NYC and get a fresh start. I spent two years consulting with Bell Atlantic/Verizon as a VBA programmer before moving on to the financial industry. The last seven years of my life have been with JP Morgan where I was a Technology Project Manager and Business Analyst. Working both with users on the front-end user experience, as well as with engineering teams on the back-end infrastructure has given me a great overall view of the technology architecture.

Fast forward to today - I am still deeply in love with computers, the internet, and all of the rapidly evolving technologies that surround us. I left J.P. Morgan late last year to re-evaluate my priorities and focus on what is truly important in life. I hope to take my unique perspectives and apply them in ways that make people’s lives better and not just ways to make corporate management look good. I think we are living in very exciting times; there is a very real technological revolution going on! Technologies are rapidly converging to fill every aspect of our lives. There is so much going on, I can’t help but be excited about it!


Desirai Labrada

Orlando, FL (2010) - Personal portfolio website for freelance Graphic Designer

  • Primary Front-End Developer
  • Built with WordPress (heavily modified Sandbox theme)
  • 100% W3C compliant

A Match Made in Halo

Orlando, FL (2009) - Gaming and technology blog

  • Primary Front-End Developer
  • Built with WordPress (heavily modified Sandbox theme)
  • Static content 100% W3C compliant



Technical Skills

  • Technology Project Management
  • HTML 4
  • CSS 2
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Working knowledge in: HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL

Front End Web Developer - Freelance

2007-Present NYC, NY & Orlando, FL

  • Use XHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP to create fully functional, W3C compliant websites for individuals and businesses
  • Work closely with client and graphic designer to deliver best possible user experience
  • Research techniques and keep up with new technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS 3

Technology Analyst / Service Delivery Manager - J.P. Morgan Chase

2007-2009 NYC, NY

  • Implemented several new processes to reduce technology-related expenses, such an application that automatically creates trouble tickets and an online tool for resetting passwords, eliminating expensive calls to the Help Desk
  • Offered dedicated, single point of contact support for all technology issues impacting the business, owning issues through to resolution and escalating to management or other technology teams as needed
  • Served as key business liaison for large-scale initiatives including an email migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook and a Data Center migration from Midtown Manhattan, NY to Carlstadt, NJ
  • Provided technical analysis and feedback on projects to mitigate impact to the business
  • Coordinated testing plans and communications with the business and worked closely with technology support teams to ensure all changes were completed successfully

Technology Project Manager - J.P. Morgan Chase

2002-2007 NYC, NY

  • Successfully completed numerous projects ranging from small application changes to large-scale server migrations
  • Integrated large trading application environment which consisted of over 20 application, database and middle-tier servers, architected with load-balancing, high-availability and disaster recovery for the production environment
  • Created new virtual Windows environment also with high-availability and disaster recovery; migrated applications from legacy Windows NT and 2000 servers, making them more resilient and much easier to support
  • Managed project teams composed of members from application development, infrastructure engineering and support groups
  • Generated communications and project status reports for senior management and business stakeholders
  • Updated documentation tracking changes in the various service request systems used by the PMO through 2 mergers (Chase and Bank One)

Technology Consultant - Verizon

2000-2002 NYC, NY

  • Analyzed data and developed processes for quality assurance and metrics projects with Verizon
  • Worked closely with client management to determine programming needs of the workgroup
  • Collected data from legacy mainframe systems for analysis and archival.
  • Wrote robust, user-friendly programs and macros in VBA for Excel and Word to manipulate and parse large volumes of data and automate both specific and routine tasks

Independent Computer Consultant - Various Staffing Agencies

1997-2000 Chicago, IL & NYC, NY

  • Provided administrative and technology support for investment professionals and senior management
  • Responsible for executing and troubleshooting macros that downloaded and manipulated real-time data in Excel for analysis
  • Exposed to a wide variety of business applications in the financial industry
  • Clients included Verizon, J.P. Morgan, and Oppenheimer Capital

Infantry Soldier - U.S. Army

1994-1997 Fort Drum, NY

  • Conducted field missions in harsh environments, under fixed deadlines
  • Worked effectively with team members of all races, religions, and nationalities


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